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Stroops MMA Double Gun How to Punch and Kick Harder

Stroops MMA The Double Gun Punching and Kicking Strength Training equipment.

Stroops MMA Strength and Conditioning featuring The Double Gun.

Whats the best  way to train for greater punching power? Use resisted punching slastix by Stroops. In this instructional video you will see the easiest and most efficient way to train for increased punching strength. While in the very act of punching with resistance bands attached to your wrists and ankles you can develop your fast twitch muscle fibers for strength and speed using explosive movements.

You cant get this kind of direct training of a specific motion with free weights . Only Stroops Slastix resistance bands can. The Double Gun comes with 4 slastix resistance bands, 2 punch cuffs,  2 ankle cuffs and 1 anchor strap. All you have to do is anchor to any stationary object like a fence, basketball pole, etc. Get crazy with your MMA strength skills get more info here on The Double Gun by Stroops MMA 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Stroops MMA Battlerope Son of The Beast Product Review

Stroops MMA Battlerope Son of the Beast review

Battlerope workouts have been all the rage since they appeared on the MMA scene several years ago on shows like The Ultimate Fighter, UFC Fighter Training bio's and more recently Crossfit training gyms across the nation are including them into regular workouts. 

 A typical battlerope workout consists of a long piece of 1.5 to 2 inch girth rope anywhere from 30 to 50 feet long. attached to any given anchor i.e a tree, basketball hoop pole, fence, weights etc. and vigorously shaken up, down all around cardio type workout. The effectiveness in these type of ropes are the weight of the rope only. The arms and shoulders will get tired, some core work can be done as well and the main benefit is the cardiovascular system.

How are Stroops Battleropes any different?

First lets look at the construction of the Stroops Son of the Beast Battlerope. Instead of just plain rope this design is made up of "Slastix" which is a covered resistance band in varying strengths. 47 lbs, 77 lbs, 105 lbs  and a whopping 150 lbs each handle. So this rope actually fights you back! With the resistance constantly pulling you forward (or backward) your biceps, back, chest, tris, and leg muscles get fried really quick depending on how far back you are from the anchor, the further back you get the stronger the resistance. These Battle ropes come in a pair of 10 ft lengths which can be stretched to 30 ft long.

  Each rope has a loop for gripping and pulling. The bright orange covering is designed not only for flash, but a protector of the rubber resistance band underneath. The covering will also prevent the band from being overstretched as the band is longer than the covering, so if it ever gets maxed out the covering will stop stretching 1st so the band will have more length to be stretched . Top quality materials are used in a state of the art manufacturing facility, made in America. After years of use and abuse I have never seen one break. 

  Extreme Versatility

  1. Unlike a plain old rope , the Stroops Son of the Beast MMA Battlerope has many uses and functions!
  2.  Multiple plane movements: Rotation of the trunk for core. Lateral for stabilization, Front to back for flexion and extension. all of these use the added resistance which plain old ropes do not have. Even dumbbells can only give you 1 plane of movement.
  3. Cardio + Resistance = greater calories burned.  
  4. Can be used indoors anchored to the top or bottom of a door, or other fixed object. Outdoors anchored to a basketball pole, chain link fence, tree or other fixed object.
  5. Extremely challenging FUN!

   For example I recently took these babies out for an extreme test drive outside using a tree for an anchor standing on top of a huge rock (see video below) to see what happened.
         Here are just some of exercises you can do with these battle ropes.
1. Combo Cardio + Strength = more calories burned, more efficient workout, more muscles worked.
2. The Power Slam. (2 hands together up and down)
3. The Alternating Power Slam (alternating right hand up left hand down)
4. Squat + Power Slam.
5. Jump Squats + Power Slam
6. Rows with the resistance. with 2 hands together, narrow grip, works back + biceps
7. Alternating Rows.
8. Wide grip rows
9. Bicep Curls.
10. Ab Core Twists
11. Resisted Jumping Jacks
12. Heavy Jump Rope
13. Combo Burpees + Slams
14. Combo Pushups + Slams
15. Combo Burpee + Pushup + Mountain Climber + Slam
16. Chest Flys
17. Tricep Extension
18. Resisted Jab Punches
19. Resisted Upper cuts.
20. Resisted Hook Punch
21. Resisted Punch Block.
22. Resisted Lunges.
23. Attached to your feet for Resisted Mountain Climbers
24. Resisted Front Kicks/Knees
25. Hook to your waist with a belt resisted Trampoline Jumps
26. Resisted Leap Frog Jumps frontwards and backwards.
27. Inside Arm Circles
28. Outside Arm Cirlcles
29. Lateral Delt Raises
30. Rear Delt Rows
31. Military Press
32. Lat Row
33. Squats.
34. Deadlift
35. Resisted Sprawls
36. Resisted Sprints straight ahead
37. Sprints with the Right Side
38. Sprints with the Left Side
39. Agility dot drills
40. Mix and Match Circuit Training Workouts.
41. Combinations of any above exercises. 
42. Ground and Pound punching drills.
43. Reverse Walking.
44. Single arm rows with both ropes in 1 hand. 150 lbs

  In this video I am using the 77 lb per handle set of Battle Ropes. And they are kicking my butt on this rock! I had to make multiple edits in this video because I had a hard time keeping my balance on top of this rock, the ropes kept pulling me around as they engaged stabilizer and rotational muscles. The resistance gets progressively harder as the rope is stretched out, thus activating the type III combo med + fast twitch muscle fibers giving you more explosiveness and speed for MMA punching and kicking.

  These battle ropes are by FAR the Best I have ever used! They give me an incredible workout, and provide PLENTY of resistance for anyone in martial arts, MMA, Wrestling, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Bodybuilding, Strength Training or if you just want to look like a fighter, Get some of these!

Limited only by your imagination! As you can see the amount of muscles you can strengthen (Full Body Workout) along with your cardio and even circuit training, adding in body weight combos the Stroops Son of the Beast Battlerope is King of The Jungle! 

Variety is the spice of your fitness life and these ropes definitely keep things interesting and fun!
 Get a pair here.

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