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Maximus MMA Ground and Pound Workout

Maximus MMA Ground and Pound Workout: Son of the Beast Battleropes

Stroops MMA makes some killer workout gear! This piece of strength equipment is called the Son of the Beast Battlerope. It comes as a pair of 10 ft. ropes in variable resistances of

  • 47 lb
  • 77 lb
  • 105 lb
  • 150 lbs all per handle. 
In this video I am using the 77lb version. Thats PER handle so total resistance would be at 154 using one in each hand. The opening scene I have them doubled up and anchored to the bottom of my door. In the chest fly I have 308 lbs . Now the resistance gets harder the further the ropes are stretched and reaching a peak resistance towards the end of the stretch. The 10 ft ropes can be stretched safely to 30 feet . I can't do a full rep as you notice, however I am supporting the resistance and getting a partial rep which you can tell that it is a difficult move.

    Muscles worked in this movement are the chest, upper chest, front deltoid (shoulder), triceps, stabilizers and the entire core is being engaged, along with some leg strength for the push forward. I would lean forward and push out at the same time . The total amount of reps for this set was 5. That's the max that I could do! So it was definitely an extremely effective movement.

    This movement is paramount in developing punching power. Moving forward with a punch involves all of these muscles.

    The 2nd scene on the rock I am using 1 arm for a resisted punch movement, which was difficult as well because I had to keep my balance on top of that rock but also required stabilization as I rotated my trunk. These 2 movements together will improve your straight punches, hook punches, uppercuts, jabs, elbows, or any strike to the front. The rope will max out at 77lbs towards the end of its stretch, however on the rock I didnt have it stretched out very far so the resistance was less, which is great because you can vary it depending on how far you are stretching it. Its like getting a whole set of dumbbells in one piece of equipment. The other cool thing about the rope is that the actual resistance changes from light to heavy throughout the movement, as the difficulty increases it will engage more of the fast twitch muscle fibers used for explosive movements i.e Punching. Making it ideal for MMA training, shadow boxing and especially for the Ground and Pound!

  The 3rd scene is a 2 arm resisted punching drill. Here do have on the Stroops MMA punch cuff which fastens around the wrist and makes the drill a lot more comfortable. The built in handles do work however it does squeeze the hand after a many sets.

  Next is some resisted shadow boxing! How fun is this? Very! Talk about your Sports Specific training this is it!

  Develop Ground and Pound sports specific punching power with the next drill!
Increase strength and power for

  • All forward punches Jab, Hook punch, Uppercut, Elbow
  • All Backward Elbows, Backfists
  • Pushing Pulling Grappling holds
  • All Chokes

The Stroops MMA Son of the Beast battle ropes can also be attached to your feet to use for front kicks and Muay Thai knee strikes. See a list of more uses go to this page where I did a full review on them.
    As you can see from the video these ropes can be used indoors anchored to the top or bottom of a door, the opposite door handle, or any fixed object. I also use them anchored to my water filled base punching bag in my garage. Outdoors the possibilities are really limitless. I use them anchored to my basketball pole, fence or a nearby tree. Extremely versatile they can be taken to a park, hotel room, on the go, or anywhere you need to get in a workout. 

Get a pair today. Stroops MMA Son of the Beast Battleropes
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