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Self Defense Evasive Driving

When you think about protecting yourself from violence, you most likely think about your self defense training, firearms skills, even your plans for surviving in place during a catastrophic event.
But violence comes in many forms.
And there’s one area that most people don’t even consider preparing for, and it’s a HUGE mistake!
For example, what if you were:
  • Attacked by a crowd of people at a demonstration?
  • Being chased by a driver on the highway who you mistakenly cut off and he’s trying to run you down?
  • Targeted by a gang as a victim of opportunity?
(True story.. in New Mexico, gangs initiated new members by driving around with their lights off.  The first oncoming car that flashed its lights as a “friendly heads up” would become the “target car”. The gang would circle around and the new member’s role was to shoot at the car… no matter WHO was in it!)

For this reason, you need to include “evasive driving” in your survival plan.
Now that DOESN’T mean you have to have a fast car and go to bodyguard school.
In fact, here are 4 tips you can master right now for Evasive driving skills when you’re being chased by a car full of attackers:

The one who survives a high speed car chase isn’t usually the fastest, it’s the one who doesn’t crash.
Watch those idiots being chased by police on shows like “Cops” and those crazy “caught on video” shows and you’ll see that all the police have to do is follow the perp until he wraps himself around a telephone pole and then put the cuffs on him.
In a chase, try not to travel over 65mph to make sure you can handle your car effectively on the turn of a dime.


Rather than try to outrun someone, let them get close enough to you and then take a quick, last minute turn in a different direction.
Action is faster than reaction and if they’re behind you, they won’t be able to respond in time to take the same turn you just did.  They’ll either crash or have to back up to follow you and by then, you’ll be long gone.

If you’re being chased by someone on the highway, identify an upcoming exit and move to the far LEFT lane.
With your pursuer close behind you, make sure you have clearance and at the last minute, shoot across all 4 lanes to barely make your exit.  It will be difficult for them to back up, especially in the left lane against traffic, to follow you.

If you’re driving at night, reach under your seat and pull out a 2- to 5,000,000 candlepower spotlight.  (You can get these from any boating or auto store.)
Shine it behind you at the driver and you’ll instantly blind him.  He’ll likely stop the car out of sheer panic of crashing (which he may do).
These are just a few of the tricks you can use to escape from someone while you’re in your vehicle.
For even “sneakier” advice, there’s a whole section on “survival driving” in a program our organization just released on “escape and evasion during riots”.

You can see it at: 
It’s loaded with tactical strategies not just for Evasive Driving, but for dealing with ANY situation where you’re targeted for an attack by a group of people.
Riots, Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, Economic Collapse, Looters, Gang Bangers, Social Disturbances on A Large Scale, Mob Group Attacks.
Dont be Scared 
Get Prepared!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gorilla Strength MMA Workout Bands Review

Gorilla Strength Combat Gear

I recently tested the Beast kit by Gorilla Strength Gear

because it was simply the biggest bang for the buck. I needed the 

Most resistance available, The Beast Kit offers a Whopping 

716 lbs of total resistance. This really piqued my interest at first.

    2nd thing I noticed was its rugged construction. It looked tough 

enough to handle my intense training routines. I have been involved 

in Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do, BJJ, 

Weight Training, Strength Training etc since I was in 

Kindergarten. I have used mainly Free weights with a rack, 

dumbells, barbells, Commercial Gym Equipment, Hammer Strength 

machines, Body weight training in the Military, Home Gyms i.e. 

Bowflex, TRX Suspension body weight system, Pull up bars, Dip 

bars, Explosive Fitness (Static Contraction Machine) . Over 3 

decades as an "Iron Game" student.

I am Certified Fitness Trainer with 2 certifications , and worked as 

a trainer in Major Commercial Gym.

I feel this qualifies me to give an adequate review of any kind of 

strength training or workout device.

There are SO many Terrible , even Laughable fitness products out 

there on infomercials!!! It gets worse every year!

My first concern with strength training with resistance bands was 

" Can I get a Gym quality Workout?"

I have never used resistance bands before, and was initially 

interested because they fit into my budget!

I have been working out with them for about 2 years now, putting 

them through every conceivable test,

position, durability, feel, and effectiveness.  I am very impressed 

with this system or I wouldnt be featuring

them on my site. I can say that they deliver a High Quality Workout 

  The bands get stronger the further they are stretched . They can be used in conjunction with dumbells to increase the resistance to greater angles, although that type of movement is rather cumbersome.

The reason I say High Quality is because of the very nature of the 

bands during use they allow you to use

Explosive Force,which activates more explosive muscle fibers. There is no 

Momentum, or Gravity that you get with free

weight movements, which can decrease their effectiveness. I am 

not saying Free weights are bad, they are still

very effective, if you dont have the space and the $$ required for a home 

gym with 700lbs of weights, and an extra bedroom or garage. 

Then the Gorilla Strength Bands are for you.

    My workouts have been extremely productive with these Gorilla 

bands.With 716 lbs of total resistance , its more than adequate for 

any level of MMA fitness enthusiast, It takes a little creativity to get 

them into position for working different muscle groups, I plan on 

making some demonstration videos to show their effectiveness, and 

versatility.    I train using many techniques, drop sets, partial reps, 

explosive reps, Static Contraction Reps, Pyramid sets, Upper Body: 

Arms,Chest, Back, Legs, Squats, Resisted Punches: Uppercuts, 

Hook Punches, Straight Punch, and even Resisted Ground and 

Pound Punches!!

 Leg Press, Resisted Front Kicks, Side Kicks, 

Roundhouse, Muy Thai Knees, Elbows etc. Pretty much every 

major Mixed Martial Arts Movement I was easily able to perform 

WITH resistance with no problem whatsoever.

The only cons I had with these bands were the handles, they 

are relatively small and I have small hands, although I believe a 

larger handle is now available. Also when I first got these they stunk like plastic and rubber and I had to let them air out in the back yard for a few days. The overall craftsmanship was ok, I'd say medium duty, some of the stitching is coming loose from heavy use but nothing has broken other than 2 of the handles.  For the price they do the job.
                                  Get The Best Self Defense Course Ever


 Over time (2 years) with heavy use these handles begin to crack, 

but the company offers a replacement for $4.95  each.

    You just cant do these types of resisted movements with free 

weights. So again the Beast System provided another advantage for 

my Strength Training and Martial Arts Movements.

Highly Recommended 716 lbs of resistance "The Beast"  

Resistance Band Strength Training System, they 

do everything they are advertised to do....

Go here for prices

Demonstration Testimonial Video

Monday, April 22, 2013

3 Weird Survival Must Have Items

Look, I believe in ALWAYS being prepared for anything. That includes WAY more than just normal survival situations.
Preppers take their survival equipment seriously.  Everyone has their personal favorite bugout items they carry with them for surviving during a disaster or meltdown of our society.  But your survival is dependent upon much more than just being able to start a fire with two sticks or finding food and water.  In fact…
I’m talking about things like protecting yourself from:
  • Riots
  • Looters
  • Mass Attacks
  • Hostage Crisis
  • And other threats caused by civil unrest
Now many of you might think this is overkill.  That’s fine.
But I’m of the survival mindset that you NEVER know when an attack is about to happen and in what form it will come.
Sept. 11 was a good example of that.  And look at all the demonstrations that are happening these days?  It doesn’t take much for these things to turn ugly…FAST!
So here are 3 of the “weirder” items most people don’t think about carrying, that I feel you should have on you at all times:

The number of uses for a pry-bar are endless.
The model I carry is the “Exhumer 8”  from Dead On Tools.

If you’re on the run or bugging out, you can use it for breaching obstacles, gaining entrance to a door or even getting out of a trapped car.
I have mine wrapped in 550 paracord and it’s a beast of a self dense tool as both ends are brutally sharp and will seriously jack someone up! Also check out the common hardware store item by Stanley "The Fubar" below.

As controversial as it may seem to some, you want to be able to escape from handcuffs if you need to.
There are plastic handcuff keys now that fit nearly all (or all) handcuffs universally and take up no room at all.
I use this cheap,concealable handcuff key and I’ve sewn my pants tag partially closed so it creates a snug pocket to hide this key.
If you’re ever handcuffed behind your back (as in say a home invasion, hostage situation, etc.), you can easily get the key and unlock yourself or hand it off to someone else to unlock you.

The thing about thugs is that they know that the stakes are much higher if they attack a police officer.
Now, I’m not saying to impersonate an officer, but let’s say you get trapped in a riot as a result of a demonstration that went horribly wrong.
Assuming that police aren’t the target of the demonstrators, having a badge that looks like an officer’s badge could ward off attackers who think you’re just another easy mark as they rampage through the area.
You just take out the badge and tell them to “Back off! Just go your way and I’ll go mine and neither of us need to make this an issue. Got it?” and then back out to safety as you assume their agreement.
There’s a bunch of other stuff you should carry as well.
In fact, I actually carry 27 URBAN SURVIVAL RESPONSE ITEMS on me at all times!
These are all items you would use for survival or during an “escape & evasion” scenario where you were targeted or caught up in a violent attack, (such as in a riot or looting as a result of natural disaster, etc.)
If you want to see some of these items AND how to use them to survive ANY scenario, then check out our website at
Now you’d think that 29 survival items would make you look like you’re loaded up for a trip up Mt. Everest, right?
But actually, no one would ever know you’re carrying this stuff!
All of the items fit in a small survival bag (that’s only 8.5″ x 6.5″) that I keep on me, either in a laptop case that I’d normally carry anyway, on my person, or in my “everyday bag” from my military days.
It’s literally almost like having a Batman Utility Belt on you at all times!
You can decide what works best for you, but I’d personally feel naked without these survival items.  The confidence you’ll have that you’re prepared for anything is a real comfort in today’s world.
Again, you can check out all of strategies we use for dealing with “social chaos” and other crisis at

This is a comprehensive and extremely informative guide that could easily save your life, or the life of your loved ones and family.
Below are the items discussed plus a few extras! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Critical Ripped, Get Chisled, Shredded Muscle

New program describes training methods used by Boxers and MMA Fighters that makes them so lean and ripped and how you too can achieve this ultra shredded, extremely low Body Fat Condition...
                                Introducing "Critical Ripped"

Subject:  3 "Old Weird Tips" To Get Absolutely Ripped [ARTICLE]
Getting a lean and ripped body is one of the most challenging and difficult
things to accomplish while working out.

With so much misinformation out there, it is difficult to know what is right
and what is wrong.  That is why I wanted to share a great article from
the founder and CEO of Critical Bench, Mike Westerdal on the subject.

In this short, but information packed article, Mike will give you 3 "odd" tips that
if applied correctly can get you the results you deserve and have you RIPPED
in no time!

3 "Weird Old" Tips to get Absolutely Ripped [Article] <<<click to learn more

If you can apply just 1 of these tips, you will start seeing results as
early as next week.  Apply all 3 of them and it is GAME OVER!

3 "Weird Old" Tips to get Absolutely Ripped [Article] <<<click to learn more. 

Only the Highest of quality programs are offered here on this blog. I have scoured the internet to bring you only the best and highest quality programs to help you in your fitness quest. Thanks for checking out and supporting our blog sponsors. 
Maximus blog author

Self Defense Tactic #45 Surprise The Bully

A common self defense trick that many experts instruct is that, when somebody comes up to you and starts threatening you, you should set up your defense by adopting a “ready stance” that looks passive but still protects your upper body.  For example, your hands should be up and open as if saying, “I don’t want to fight.” but you should still have your body in a position to defend yourself if needed.
This isn’t such bad advice.  Unfortunately it requires your brain and your body to be speaking the same language and 95% of the time, I see trainees unable to overcome this obstacle even in relaxed self defense training scenarios.  It gets much harder in the adrenaline charged real world self defense scenario. Here’s what I mean…
LEARN MARTIAL ARTS NOW! Protect yourself!
When posturing for self defense, tricks like holding your hands up and saying, “I don’t want to fight” often aren’t perceived that way.  Somebody who’s angry, drunk, or just not paying attention won’t hear you telling him you “don’t want any trouble.”  If your body is in a “ready” stance, when your hands come up, he may actually see you looking for a fight, and that’s all he’ll process.  Bystanders might think the same thing; they may not hear or remember that you said you didn’t want trouble.

No one deserves to be Bullied, put a stop to it now and learn how to protect yourself, take Action and learn Self Defense, Start lifting weights at home to get some extra confidence in yourself. Start eating healthy foods,cut out all the junk food in your diet, drink water, follow a bodybuilding program at home, get off the couch , turn off the TV, the Xbox, and the computer, order a strength training program from this site and start working out! I guarantee you will start feeling better about yourself, gain some huge amounts of Confidence. Try the Mind Power Fighter Mind set, with self Hypnosis sessions that can turn your thinking into a power house of positive energy . This site is filled with all the tools you need to transform your entire being into an unstoppable force of nature.

Either you are a bystander and witness someone being bullied and choose to do Nothing, or you are a Bully terrorizing other smaller weaker kids, or you are the kid getting Bullied, The problem is the Bystanders , which outnumber the Bullies by 10 times. The Bystanders are the ones who can band together and Protect the one being Bullied. You just have to have the Guts to stand up for whats right and Protect the Innocent. Dont let fear stop you from possibly saving someones life. Many kids every year unfortunately commit suicide as a result of bullying

Make A stand for whats right, Put a stop to Bullying, Arm yourself with the Knowledge that will allow you to overcome any Bullying situation by investing in this Self Defense Program. 
Knowledge is Power, but useless unless you take massive Action. 
In addition, to defend yourself, you need to have the survival mind-set to rip your attacker’s head off if needed, right?  Well your brain is then thinking “self defense”, tricking your body language to show that you’re really ready to fight despite your submissive words.  To better de-escalate the confrontation and also get your attacker to lower his guard if you need to defend yourself, here’s a self defense trick that will fool any attacker and not only set you up for a surprise preemptive attack…but also “look” more like self defense to those around  you for the police report that results:
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 1:  First, turn to the side.
This is like blading your body, but it’s more extreme than that.  You’re putting most of your body farther away from your attacker while putting your lead hand closer to him.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 2:  Next, hunch your shoulders.

This looks passive; it’s a submission cue programmed into our primitive brains, a visual prompt from the animal kingdom that makes you look like you’re afraid and unwilling to fight back.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 3:  Talk with your hands.
While you’re busy telling your attacker that you don’t want any trouble, maybe even offering to buy him a drink if you’re in a bar, get him used to seeing your hands move around.  That way, when you finally do move, you’ll take him by surprise.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 4:  If he refuses to deescalate, strike him.
You can do a simple palm heel blow with your lead hand, which is already halfway to your target by the time you do it… and you’ll take your attacker completely by surprise as you preempt his attack.
This is a very effective sneak-attack approach to self-defense.  Trick your opponent into thinking you’re a submissive weakling and you’ll trick anybody else who might be watching.  You’ll program them to think you’re the victim, and you’ll walk away the winner…and survivor.

Here is a possible solution 

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