Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How To End A Fight Fast!

Female Fight Instructor Demonstrates how to take out a Male Aggressor.

If you're interested in knowing a handful of simple
"dirty tricks" 
that will end 99% of all street
confrontations in a couple seconds...
...even against bigger, stronger, more skilled opponents,
then listen this to this!
FightFast, a 23-year-old "personal combat" company,
is now giving away their world-famous 2-hour "15
Brutal Fight Enders" 
DVD package -- for FREE.
See this free 'hand-to-hand' fight video HERE!
You gotta hurry though. They're getting ready to remove
this clip from their website.
What you'll discover is not Karate, Kung Fu or any
other complex martial "art" you may be familiar with.
No way. This is so much more SIMPLE than that.
There are no silly stances to learn, or fancy kicks to
memorize or any complicated nonsense at all.
It's all meat! Stuff that'll let you quickly turn the tables
and dominate anyone stupid enough to mess with you.
(You'll be shocked... shocked... at how fast these simple
moves can put someone down.)
Your instructors are the most dangerous fighters on earth,
including U.S. Navy SEALSIsraeli Special Forces,
seasoned "pit fighters" with real world combat experience 
and many more.
They're all experts at teaching average civilians like you the
simple, easy-to-learn and devastatingly brutal tricks that
work like CRAZY in a real fight.
This is NOT a joke. What you'll discover will turn you into
a mega-dangerous fighter overnight.
Of course the most amazing thing is that FightFast is actually
giving away this astonishing DVD package for FREE.
It means being able to smile and walk away from clueless idiots
who have no idea what kind of trouble they're asking for. Or 
end it in a flash
 on YOUR terms if things get serious.
It's priceless to finally possess this kind of total confidence!
But you'd better hurry. This generous give-away is for
MMA Street Fighter readers only -- and only for today.
Tomorrow will be too late.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Do Your Kids Know How To Protect Themselves?

What if this was your daughter?

Does your son/daughter know how to defend themselves in case they are attacked?
 What if this tragedy could have been prevented with a little self defense training?

Texas man arrested in killing of 18 yr old woman

If you haven't seen this, you'd better do it now.
This is the last "heads-up" you -- and a handful of other 
MMA blog readers -- will receive about this free
fight video
 that's about to be permanently cancelled from my website:
See this free 'hand-to-hand' fight video HERE!
This is where you'll get -- for FREE -- the world's most 
vicious hand-to-hand fighting system.
I'm not screwing around here. It's the SAME set of
wicked "end-it-now" tricks used by likes of our U.S.
Navy SEALS and Israeli Special Forces.
It's SIMPLE too.
There are no "belts", or long practice, or learning any
complex nonsense at all, (because busy soldiers don't
have time for all that)...
...and yet it's the most devastatingly effective fight 
system ever invented!
Seeing this brutally-advanced material just ONCE will
multiply your ability to control and dominate ANY
violent situation you find yourself in -- against anyone 
of any size.
And for a limited time I will fully exercise my First
Amendment rights and allow you to see this...
...for FREE.
But you'd better hurry. This generous give-away is
about to be pulled off my website forever.
So get there while you can.
Don't be a victim 
Prevent crime from taking your life 
or the life of a loved one.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Defend Your Woman in Case of a Gang Attack

Unfortunately this kind of crime of assault and battery happens everyday in most every
 city of the United States and the crime rate is growing exponentially.
How would you react to the multiple attackers in the video above?
This guy was caught completely OFF-GUARD!
He was no where near prepared to handle the onslaught of this viscous gang 
attack! Not only did this guy not know how to protect himself or his 
woman, getting beat down in the process, but he let the thugs nearly kill him. 
This guy was not even armed with any type of force multiplier i.e a knife, kubaton, or
 better yet a firearm. DONT BE THAT GUY!
Fact is that if this guy had just a little bit of knowledge he could have taken out a few of
 these thugs and kept the others at bay until the police arrived.
Get the 15 brutal Fight Enders DVD combat training package at this link.
Its Free just pay shipping and handling 
If you're interested in some simple yet very 
brutal "dirty tricks" that give you an instant
"unfair" advantage in most any street confrontation
...then listen up.
Here's some deadly-simple hand-to-hand fight
tips -- the SAME ones used by Navy SEALS and 
Black Ops combat experts -- that will END a
fight (on your terms) in a couple of seconds.
See this free video here.
What you'll discover isn't "martial arts". There are 
no complex moves
 (which you'd only forget in a

real fight).
It's just 15 simple and easy-to-learn fight moves that
ANYONE -- of any size or strength or skill level --
can use to devastate a larger opponent.

Most civilians are shocked to see just how EASY it
is for small men, women, even children to use these
vicious techniques to instantly dominate a bigger man.
This is no joke. Once you see these techniques for
yourself, your body will almost instantly become
as dangerous as a cocked and loaded weapon.
They're that powerful. And it means an enormous
boost to your self-confidence
But you must hurry. I've received so many phone
calls and emails that I've extended this free offer
for another 24 hours.
This won't be available tomorrow. So watch the
video today.
You'll be so glad you did.
Stay Safe Maximus 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seal Team Fight Secrets Revealed To Civilians

Fellow MMA Brothers Max here...
Interested in knowing -- for FREE -- the world's most
vicious hand-to-hand fighting system?
This is NOT a joke. It's the SAME set of nasty tricks used by
the likes of our U.S. Navy SEALS and Israeli Special Forces.
Free Video
It's SIMPLE too.
There are no "belts", or long practice, or learning any
complex nonsense at all, (because busy soldiers don't
have time for all that)...
...and yet these are the most devastatingly effective 
fight secrets ever invented!
I don't care if you can't walk and chew gum at the same
time, you CAN learn this too -- very quickly.
Best part is, like I said, you can now see it all for nothing.
This brutally-advanced material -- fast and EASY to learn
-- is for "desperation" unarmed fighting.
The kind you would need, say, if you were attacked in
a parking lot after a wedding reception... dressed in your
best suit, completely taken by surprise...
...and forced to protect yourself and your family without
a second to think.
It's taught to you by some of the most dangerous men
on the planet too. Spec op guys who've USED this in actual
bloody combat...
...who suddenly found themselves without a gun or even
a pocket knife... possibly wounded... surprised by ambush...
out-numbered... and with the violence around them reaching
the point of life and death!
If it worked for them in the most screwed up situations
imaginable... then I know it'll work for YOU too.
Seeing this new system ONCE will multiply your ability to
control and dominate ANY violent situation you find yourself
in -- against anyone of any size.
And for a limited time I am allowing you to see this...
...for FREE.
See what all the fuss is about HERE!
But you'd better hurry. This generous give-away won't be
around for long.Maximus Approved

Maximus Approved

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15 Brutal Fight Enders

15 Brutal Fight Enders
How to End a Fight Fast!