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MMA "NLP" Mind Power Techniques For Fighters

Martial Arts and NLP Mind Tricks For MMA Fighters

Are you interested in learning martial arts? Won’t it be great if you can train your mind to learn martial arts faster and in a more effective fashion? Do you think that’s not possible? Well… read on to find out how you can program your mind to be a master fighter.
Neuro Linguistic Programming   Scientists have discovered a kind of programming of the mind termed ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ or NLP that has modernized all human functioning enhancements radically. NLP is targeted at observing an expert from any field, identifying, and separating the average from the extraordinary.
The Fundamentals
The basic model of the NLP is taken from any skilled professional of any field. The expert could be a dentist, a lawyer, a sportsman, surfer, or in any area. The modeler studies with precision every aspect of this expert. That includes his or her values, ethics, behavior, habits, etc. The modeler then imitates the expert. Once the modeler becomes adept at this, the person begins to reduce his activity. He discards anything that has no significant effect on his functioning and brings it down to a level where he only needs to work at core techniques that help him gain expertise.
The success of the modeling NLP depends on whether he has been able to train someone else in the technique successfully. If the results are the same, the experiment is a success.
We all know how hard it is to train to become a black belt. One has to train for years and years. It is not just a long process but also an extremely laborious and challenging task. That is what makes it worth it.
NLP puts you on the race faster, giving a better platform to meet this challenge. It will enhance your capabilities and increase your tenacity. In short, it will program you to build your mettle.
The modeling NLP does not claim to make you a genius. Metaphorically speaking it programs your genes to be one. What it does is documents the brain’s knowledge and transfers it by imitating and training. The modelers own capabilities are also an important factor, which grows and develops with more experience.
Martial Arts fuse attack and defense into the same mechanism. When you can do that, your performance is perfect and your mind is clear. Your every move looks pre synchronized as onlookers watch you fight your opponent. Every action is precisely timed and perfectly executed. If you have heard about the ancient masters, you will know how unperturbed their state of mind was even at the most tense moments.
Building the ‘Second You’
It is possible to build on one’s sub consciousness using hypnotherapy. Many experts use hypnosis for all sorts of things but building on one’s neural connections is really what makes you the smart student in martial arts. It is difficult to unlearn things that become part of your sub conscious and muscle memory.
You train both your mind and your body until your every move becomes of secondary nature. Hypnosis can help with teaching your subconscious. It is all a matter of practice that takes you to the art level of martial arts.

Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell are the Renegade Fighter Mental Coaches, pioneering the use of cutting-edge alternative psychology methods like NLP, Hypnosis and Energy Psychology specifically for the combat athlete who wants to dominate their opponents and be victorious.

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Fighter Mindset Psych Training

Introducing a Revolutionary Mind Training Program which should be a Must for any serious Mixed Martial Artist, from a beginners to seasoned veterans.

MMA Mental Game and the Truth about the Zone

The Zone - it is the Holy Grail of the MMA mental game... the elusive mind/body
Blog author Maximus Approved Product
state in which everything comes together.

Fighters describing the experience of being "in the zone" usually
sound like this:

"Everything felt right"

"My punches were so fluid"

"I knew exactly what to do"

Etc, Etc.

Ah yes...all fighters have had this experience. Some for only a
moment or two, some for fight or even a string of fights.

But what is the Zone, anyway?

How do we get there and STAY there?

There are certainly plenty of theories thrown by PhDs in sports
psychology as to the exact biochemical happenings in the brain and
nervous system during "zone time".
Learn to NUKE your opponents with precision, laser-like focus

They even hook athletes up with electrodes and monitor a boatload
of information and biofeedback data. This is all done to assist these
athletes in their quest for the Holy Grail...the Zone.

They just don't get combat sports psychology, and the MMA mental game.

Although it would be kind to assume that these Ivory Tower
theorists have the best intentions, my gut tells me that it is
usually more a case of "intellectual egotism".

Regardless, the whole thing really reminds me of Monty Python and
The Holy Grail.

In other words, a fruitless endeavor doomed to failure because it
is based on inane premises and therefore produces deluded

However, it does provide a decent amount of comic relief, at least
for me.

OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating (but just a little bit).

The quest to somehow evoke the Zone state and maintain it is
Fighting is a 90% Mental, Train your Brain 
misguided by most people because it is seen as a foreign
destination - a state of being outside of the golfer's natural
mind/body state.

Here's the big news ...drum roll please...the Zone is your natural
state of being.

That's right - the Zone is NOT a state of being that you have to
"get into" and then hope and pray that you stay there.

Rather, the Zone is your true state of mental and physical being.

It is the place to which you return when you are finally able to
eliminate and clear the specific impediments to your natural
freedom state.

These impediments include (but are not limited to):

Self doubt
Comfort Zones
Etc., etc.

The important point is that these issues keep you from LIVING in
the zone, both inside the ring/cage and out.

The key is to "clear" or "eliminate" these issues... and then...
POW! are in the Zone.

This is the key to mastering your MMA mental game.

After a relatively short period of time, the Zone will start to
feel normal, because it is indeed your natural state of being.

Renegade Fighter Mindset Techniques are designed to clear these
issues that keep you from being in the Zone, and from racking up the
victories you deserve.

Our Renegade Fighter program is not the only way to clear your
issues. It just happens to be extremely fast, simple to learn, and
is specific to combat sports.

No electrodes or biofeedback devices required.

Are YOU ready to LIVE in the ZONE?

Forget about the quest for the Holy Grail. Leave that to Knights
who say "NI" (and the PhDs).

go here for more information that will totally shock you.

Renegade Fighter

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Gorilla Strength Gear Product Review

PRODUCT REVIEW at Bottom....
6 reasons why resistance bands are better than free weights and weight machines.

1) Portability: These bands can go anywhere with you & you can have a complete gym by just removing them from their bag.
 2) Versatility: This system offers 100′s of exercises and can be used to exercise every muscle group in the body.
 3) Price: This resistance band system costs less than a weight bench.
 4) Space: When you have completed your workout you can put the bands back in their storage bag and they are out of the way.
 5) Efficiency: If you are like most people I have met you don’t have all day to train. This resistance band system is much easier than workout machines or free weights to set up and to transition from one exercise to the next. That makes your workouts quicker and more efficient.
 6) Safety: You can exercise safely without a spotter and you don’t have to worry about smashing any part of your body. (great if your workout partner is unreliable)
 If you are skeptical about the resistance offered by resistance bands you shouldn’t be.
 1) Resistance bands force you to use stabilizers through out your entire range of motion. The movements also engage core muscles as well as the target muscle groups. That is a great bonus!
 2) Your muscles don’t know the difference between weight from free weights and resistance band resistance. So you can build strength & muscle (not just tone) with bands.
 3) Resistance bands make you more explosive as well as more powerful. This is because resistance bands take both gravity and momentum out of the workout equation. With free weights your body has to slow down at the end of a lift to keep the momentum from launching the weights. With resistance band you can power explosively through the entire movement and that makes a huge difference. That makes them a great match for Judo, Jiu Jitsu, mui thai, & MMA Athletes.
 Here is what makes Gorilla Strength Resistance Bands better than other systems on the market.
 This kit offers the more resistance than any other kit available. Don’t let anyone fool you, the kit out there with a football player endorsing it doesn’t offer this much resistance.
 When we started Gorilla Strength we wanted our product to be known for its quality and value. Anyone can import junk systems from China and then play price wars peddling junk systems with the no names on e-bay. That’s not our game folks. I had MMA athletes and Gym Rats in mind when I designed the kits. That mindset resulted in a durable system that offers resistance levels for everyone from a 90lb beginner to the seasoned athlete. Our kits are the best out there period.

Beast Kit

the kit includes:
(resistance is measured per handle)
2) green band (7lbs)
2) red band (12lbs)
2) blue band (20lbs)
4) black bands (30lbs)
4) orange bands (40lbs)
4) door attachments
2) carrying bag
8 ) padded handles
8 ) leg attachments

Gorilla Strength Demo using total of 28 lbs resistance for punching workout.... the key to a good workout is having the right music...its all about the metal....    

All About STRENGTH Training

Savage Strength Training by Mike Gillette part 2

Section 2 of the new Savage Strength Training System contains 8 of
Mike Gillette's top secrets for developing strength.
This one has to be one of my personal favorites so I'd like to
share this sample chapter with you.
Secret 1 - Toughness 
by Mike Gillette

Now a key point which needs to be brought up right now, at the beginning,
is this... strength training... really hard, teeth-grinding strength training builds
something in you that goes beyond just strength development alone.

That quality is physical toughness.  What do I mean by toughness?

Let's go back to Webster's, where toughness is defined like this...

Toughness: "capable of enduring strain or hardship <as in tough soldiers>,
marked by an absence of softness"

Being tough is a big deal.

Mostly because there aren't a lot of tough people around anymore.

Toughness has become an endangered resource.

When I was young I used to hear people use the phrase; "be a man."

Now nobody ever said to you "be a man" because they were telling you to
compromise, or to make someone else feel good about doing a half-a@#ed
job at something.

They were telling you to toughen up.

Meaning... suck it up, stop whining and take care of the problem.

But here's the good news; you can get start cultivating toughness today,
by building toughness into your strength training program.
Click Here To Order The Savage Strength Training System for Half Off

The toughness I'm referring to here is the ability to withstand uncomfortable
stimulus, which is a fancy way of saying pain.

Sometimes strength training can hurt a little bit.

But a little temporary pain is actually a good thing because you need to know
that you can take it.

I'm not talking about anything that's abusive or damaging to the structure of
your body.

There's a big difference between a little temporary pain and an actual injury.

But a little discomfort, which can simply be the result of compressing some
rest periods or doing some intense interval work after finishing some heavy
lifting, that kind of discomfort is beneficial.

Again, just to show yourself that you can do it. It is a discipline-builder.
Sometimes you should train outdoors when it is very hot.

You need to be smart about it and hydrate accordingly, but this is something
that people don't normally do.

People navigate towards what's comfortable and comfort does not build

Conversely, in the wintertime go outside and work out.  Train smart, but go
outside and push your body to the max.

Break past what your mind tells you is doable and forge new goals based on
what you want to do and not what other people tell you can do.

Am I saying you should train your muscles like this all the time?

The answer is "No."

But periodically shocking the muscular system to prove to yourself that you can do things
you didn't think you could do before is extremely beneficial.

The discipline that this develops can propel your training farther than anything else.

This is the benefit of developing mental toughness, which is the real
barometer of your potential success.

It's simple... mentally tough people get stronger than people who are not
mentally tough.

This may sound self-evident but it's absolutely true.

When we're talking about strength training, we're talking about transcending
genetics, vanity and even our own ideas about what is reasonable or even

Remember, the mind navigates the body... so make them both as tough and
as strong as you can.

And here is where we reach the point where people start to get a little freaked out.

They think "Mike is extreme. I'm not sure I can do what he's saying. It sounds
too hard... maybe I'm too old... maybe Mike is just crazy..."

Well guess what... you're not too skinny, too old or anything else. If you want
to be strong, you can be.

Strength is an aspect of physical development which can be improved upon
at any point throughout your entire life.

Numerous studies have been conducted with senior citizens who had been
placed on resistance training programs.

And even at their advanced ages, these test subjects improved not only their
strength but connective tissue resilience and even bone density.

So we're not talking about anything that someone has to stop doing simply
because they're approaching middle age or even beyond.

This should be a lifelong pursuit.
Man, I love the Manifesto that Mike Gillette wrote and the workouts are
even better.
If you haven't joined the other 1367 other people that got on board with
the Savage Strength Training System yesterday go claim your copy for
Half Off right now.
Order it now, read it over during Thanksgiving and the weekend and
start fresh on Monday on your new mission to become mentally and
physically tougher.
Keep training hard,
Mike Westerdal
get 21-weeks of programming for the price of a 30-minute personal
training session. BUT you get it from a former SWAT Commander
and Bodyguard not some pencil necked know it all bookworm. No one does it better than Mike Gillettes Savage Strength Training!

This is The best Strength Training system I have seen available anywhere, Mike is a true professional and has

the experience, the credentials and the plain old street smarts that it takes to create a body and mind of steel

whether you want to dominate your sport, protect yourself, of get stronger than you ever have in your life then

give the Savage Strength Training System a go , you have only one thing to lose and thats "weakness"


Savage Strength Training update FAQ

Update #4:  Your Questions Answered

Mike Gillette and I are completely humbled by all the interest in the new Savage Strength Training.  Hundreds of people entered our little blog contest to win a free copy.
We want to thank each and every person that took the time to enter, you deserve a big pat on the back.   Every single entry has been read and there were some inspirational strength stories shared, thank you for that.
We’ve pre-selected five winners but you never know someone could grab a spot with a last minute entry.  (All the winners will be notified by email tomorrow since the contest officially closes Sunday at midnight).
Now as I’m sure you can imagine over the course of the past week hundreds upon hundreds of questions about the Savage Straining System have been flooding my inbox.
I have taken the time to answer the most common questions and posted them below for you.
I’m trying to cover all our bases so that when the time comes you’ll know if this is a good fit for you or not. I don’t want you to feel scrambled or pressured so I’m doing my best to give you all the facts you’ll need to make an informed decision.
Q:  How do I know I can trust Mike Gillette as my coach during this program?
A:  First of all I would never partner up with anyone who is not the best of the best and someone that is going to provide top-notch information and service to my clients.
You’ve also read that Mike was a former SWAT Commander right?  He was responsible for saving lives of citizens and his own men.  He was also a tier 1 body guard working for some extremely high profile clients that I’m not even legally allowed to mention. If his SWAT team trusted him and other successful men have hired him to protect their lives, than I trust him to deliver on this training program as well.
Bottom line over the years Mike has trained everyone from Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Bodyguards, Competitive Fighters, to regular guys like you and I that want to get strong.
Q: How strong will I get?  
A:  Don’t limit yourself.  You may get better results than Mike and I or you may get worse results….because we’re different people.  But if you’re able to develop even half the strength Mike demonstrated in his feats of strength video would you be happy?
Q:  How many days a week will I workout with the Savage Strength Training System?
A:  If you follow the sample workouts from phase 1 that have been put together for you, you’ll be training three times per week.  If you want to work out more than 3x’s per week you can either add an extra day of cardio or try the xtreme phase 2 which has you weight training 4x’s per week.  The training logs we provide are samples, but you are free to design your own as well.
Q:  How much is the Savage Strength Training Program going to cost?
A:  I’m not completely sure just yet, but I want to make it affordable for everyone.  Since you’re on my VIP subscriber list, you’ll be offered it for half the regular price on Tuesday the 22nd before it released to the general public.  Not only will you get first dibs, but I have some awesome bonuses lined up for you. Which reminds me, look for tomorrow’s email okay?  I’ve got a cool announcement.
 Q:  How long are the workouts?

A:  The workouts take less than 1-hour to complete.
Q:  Why should I care about being strong?
A:  You’ll learn how to posses the type of strength that canintroduce stability into a situation. The type of strength that gives you the self confidence and power to resist stress and feel durable. To stare in the face of physical stress like discomfort, illness, fatigue or even emotional stress… and laugh as you know those things don’t affect you anymore.
And believe me, I am talking to YOU.   Because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, can get stronger than they are right now.
Q:  If I miss out on this sale when is the next time I can get it at a discount?
A:  I don’t have any plans of putting it on sale for a long time if ever.  That’s just not fair to those that took action.
Q:  Do I need any special equipment?
A:  Nope, there are gym exercise options for every exercise.  If you do have some odd object pieces of equipment you will get the chance to utilize them though  if you’d like to.
Q: Do I need a gym membership to do this program?
A:  You can do the Savage Strength Workouts at home with minimal equipment or at any commercial gym.
Q:  What if the program doesn’t work for me?
A:  If you follow the program as outlined and for any reason you’re not happy we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.  I stand behind this product 110% and have no problem putting my money where my mouth is.   Wait that doesn’t sound sanitary :) 
Q:  Are supplements required?
A:  You’re probably waiting to hear us say there’s a super duper top secret supplement stack in the program that is going to turn you into the Incredible Hulk.
Well if that’s what you wanted to hear, sorry to disappoint you.  You don’t need to spend any extra money on supplements to do this program.
 Q:  I saw Mike doing some pretty extreme things in that YouTube Video, are feats of strength part of the program?
A:  No you will not be bending steel bars or rolling up a frying pan in your training.  That’s just Mike’s real time validation that his training methods produce bone crushing strength.
The routines found within this program are all functional, meaning they are designed to work and to allow your body to work better.  But they’re not strange, exotic or overcomplicated.  It’s not about that.
Q:  I have a bad back, aching shoulders and other pains, can I still do the program?
A:  YES, this exactly what you need to bring your body back to life.  Ever heard the quote, use it or lose it?  In fact, Mike Gillette created this program during a time he too was struggling with injuries.  After he turned 40 his body started making him pay for having done “bodybuilding type” exercises for so long.  Shoulders, elbows and even wrists were giving Mike a hard time, but when he started training the Savage Strength way all that changed.  The program is actually very joint friendly.
Q:  Is the Savage Strength Training System going to be too challenging for me?
A:  Quick story about Mike Gillette.
Mike’s peak performance knowledge was first put to the test after he was injured in a climbing accident in 1984. This came just several months after he had left active-duty service as an Army paratrooper to attend the University of Arizona on an ROTC scholarship. With a broken back and screws holding his ankles together, Mike was discharged from military service
Over the next decade Mike eventually became one of the most highly credentialed tactical trainers in the United States, with over 25 different Use-of-Force and Weapons Systems instructor designations to his name.
In 1995, concurrent with his law enforcement and training duties, Mike returned to military service in a part-time role. Following a rigorous selection process, he was accepted into the 194th Long-Range Surveillance (Airborne) Detachment and full ‘jump’ status.
This was a significant milestone for Mike, who had been told 11 years earlier by an Army surgeon that he would never run again, much less jump out of any more airplanes.
Bottom Line:  If Mike can recover from a broken back and screws in his ankle to regain full “jump” status in the military than why can’t you overcome a few obstacles yourself?
Sure the Savage Strength Training program will challenge you, but that’s what you need!  If Mike can walk the walk and train the Savage Strength way after being told he would never walk again, perhaps there are some people in your life that we can help you prove wrong as well?
Keep training hard,
Mike Westerdal

Savage Strength

Savage Strength Training 

How I Got Started Strength Training  
Today I'm 230 lbs and I've bench pressed over 600 pounds in competition.
You might assume that I was always  strong or that I had great genetics but
nothing could be further from the truth.
When I was growing up in northern VA I used to get bullied quite a bit actually.
It seems that the smaller, weaker kids actually attract trouble for some reason.
Maybe I was an easy target.  Maybe my self confidence was lower than it
should have been and the other predators (kids) could sense this.
When I turned 14 years old I started lifting weights.
It wasn't to get big biceps or to attract girls.  What I wanted to do was make
sure the next time I got picked on I wouldn't get beat up.
Plus I wanted to try out for the freshman football team and knew that I was
very undersized.  At 14-years old I was close to 6 feet tall but only weighed
110 lbs.  I couldn't even bench press my own weight :(
I knew I had to start strength training and it changed my life for the better.
I didn't really know what I was doing when I started.  I just went to the YMCA
and did a set on every machine in the weight room.  I'd do this full body circuit
5 or 6 times a week.  
I started getting stronger and I started gaining muscle weight even though
I wasn't doing everything perfectly.
After just a few short years (not weeks) my life was completely different.  After
my family moved to CT I earned a spot on the H.S. football team and never
got bullied again.
You see bullies pick on the weak.  To best way to fight weakness is to become
strong.  That's exactly what I did.  I trained to get stronger to stick up for myself
and to become a better football player.
You know what the side effects of training for strength are?
You also build muscle which attracts the opposite sex and looks good in the mirror.
However please understand that your foundational goal should always be
to get stronger.  As a result those other things will come too, but they shouldn't
be your primary focus until after you've first developed a base level of strength.
If you want to make much much faster gains than I did, I suggest you follow a
proven strength training program like the Savage Strength Training System.
It was created by Mike Gillette a former SWAT Commander and Bodyguard.
Unfortunately today is the last day to get it for 50% off and I strongly suggest
you go pick up a copy while it's on sale.
This is the best bargain of the year and something that I am extremely proud
to bring to you because I know if you give it a try it can change your life
for the better.
I hope you take a leap of faith and accept this opportunity,
Mike Westerdal
P.S.  I have never lost a fight since I started strength training.  Most problems
just seemed to avoid me and for those that didn't I was physically and mentally
prepared for.
P.P.S  It's also the last day to get this free bonus with your order:

Octagon Girls

Octagon Girls
                                                                                         Arianny Celeste
                                                                         Forrest Griffin with some UFC Octagon girls


                                                                                          Arianny Celeste
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