Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stroops MMA Double Gun How to Punch and Kick Harder

Stroops MMA The Double Gun Punching and Kicking Strength Training equipment.

Stroops MMA Strength and Conditioning featuring The Double Gun.

Whats the best  way to train for greater punching power? Use resisted punching slastix by Stroops. In this instructional video you will see the easiest and most efficient way to train for increased punching strength. While in the very act of punching with resistance bands attached to your wrists and ankles you can develop your fast twitch muscle fibers for strength and speed using explosive movements.

You cant get this kind of direct training of a specific motion with free weights . Only Stroops Slastix resistance bands can. The Double Gun comes with 4 slastix resistance bands, 2 punch cuffs,  2 ankle cuffs and 1 anchor strap. All you have to do is anchor to any stationary object like a fence, basketball pole, etc. Get crazy with your MMA strength skills get more info here on The Double Gun by Stroops MMA 

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