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Self Defense Tactic #45 Surprise The Bully

A common self defense trick that many experts instruct is that, when somebody comes up to you and starts threatening you, you should set up your defense by adopting a “ready stance” that looks passive but still protects your upper body.  For example, your hands should be up and open as if saying, “I don’t want to fight.” but you should still have your body in a position to defend yourself if needed.
This isn’t such bad advice.  Unfortunately it requires your brain and your body to be speaking the same language and 95% of the time, I see trainees unable to overcome this obstacle even in relaxed self defense training scenarios.  It gets much harder in the adrenaline charged real world self defense scenario. Here’s what I mean…
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When posturing for self defense, tricks like holding your hands up and saying, “I don’t want to fight” often aren’t perceived that way.  Somebody who’s angry, drunk, or just not paying attention won’t hear you telling him you “don’t want any trouble.”  If your body is in a “ready” stance, when your hands come up, he may actually see you looking for a fight, and that’s all he’ll process.  Bystanders might think the same thing; they may not hear or remember that you said you didn’t want trouble.

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Either you are a bystander and witness someone being bullied and choose to do Nothing, or you are a Bully terrorizing other smaller weaker kids, or you are the kid getting Bullied, The problem is the Bystanders , which outnumber the Bullies by 10 times. The Bystanders are the ones who can band together and Protect the one being Bullied. You just have to have the Guts to stand up for whats right and Protect the Innocent. Dont let fear stop you from possibly saving someones life. Many kids every year unfortunately commit suicide as a result of bullying

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In addition, to defend yourself, you need to have the survival mind-set to rip your attacker’s head off if needed, right?  Well your brain is then thinking “self defense”, tricking your body language to show that you’re really ready to fight despite your submissive words.  To better de-escalate the confrontation and also get your attacker to lower his guard if you need to defend yourself, here’s a self defense trick that will fool any attacker and not only set you up for a surprise preemptive attack…but also “look” more like self defense to those around  you for the police report that results:
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 1:  First, turn to the side.
This is like blading your body, but it’s more extreme than that.  You’re putting most of your body farther away from your attacker while putting your lead hand closer to him.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 2:  Next, hunch your shoulders.

This looks passive; it’s a submission cue programmed into our primitive brains, a visual prompt from the animal kingdom that makes you look like you’re afraid and unwilling to fight back.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 3:  Talk with your hands.
While you’re busy telling your attacker that you don’t want any trouble, maybe even offering to buy him a drink if you’re in a bar, get him used to seeing your hands move around.  That way, when you finally do move, you’ll take him by surprise.
Surprise Self-Defense Trick, Step 4:  If he refuses to deescalate, strike him.
You can do a simple palm heel blow with your lead hand, which is already halfway to your target by the time you do it… and you’ll take your attacker completely by surprise as you preempt his attack.
This is a very effective sneak-attack approach to self-defense.  Trick your opponent into thinking you’re a submissive weakling and you’ll trick anybody else who might be watching.  You’ll program them to think you’re the victim, and you’ll walk away the winner…and survivor.

Here is a possible solution 

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