Friday, April 19, 2013

How To Read A Knife Fight

Do you know how to defend yourself against knife fighting?
Do you know the mindset behind a knife attack?
Can you “read” your attacker and know how he’s planning to attack you?
Well, if you ever leave your house at all and if you take the idea of self-defense seriously, you had better learn.

Knives are very common.  They’re easy to get, they’re easy to carry, and they’re easy to conceal.  A man with a knife can leave you bleeding and maimed — or dead — in less than the time it takes you to read this paragraph.  Especially when you don’t have a weapon of your own, you’ve got to understand how to read a knife fighting threat, how to predict a knife fighting attack.  If you don’t, you could pay with your life.
A man who comes at you with an edged weapon will often give away his intentions.  There are no guarantees, of course.  These guidelines are just that; people can be unpredictable, and none more so than those individuals desperate enough to use a weapon to mug, rape, or kill a stranger.  The probability is, however, that certain types of attackers present an edged weapon in certain ways.  Understanding this can give you an edge in dealing with them, even if you are unarmed yourself.
If a guy presents a knife in a forward grip, especially if he’s holding it loosely and moving it around in front of him in showy patterns, he’s trying to impress you with it.  He’s giving you time to see the knife and to understand what he could do with it.  He’s not planning to attack you with the blade, not immediately; he wants to scare you, to intimidate you.  If he wanted to stick you he wouldn’t be wasting time trying to impress you (unless he’s working up the courage to do the deed).

An attacker who’s taken a strong fist-like grip on his weapon, or an attacker who has a knife but is trying to hide it behind his body, is much more dangerous.  He’s in wait-and-see mode.  He’s trying to decide if he wants to stab you, and he’s allowing for the very real possibility that he might.  Your actions will determine whether he goes through with his attack.  Whether you pass or fail his “street interview,” whether you seem like an easy target or like somebody who can take care of himself, will determine whether he comes after you.
The most dangerous attacker is the man who holds an edged weapon with a death-grip in the “icepick” position.  As silly as that locked-arm, overhand stab might seem, it’s extremely powerful.  Yes, there are defenses and  blocks taught against it, some of which are even presented as never-fail techniques.  In practice, though, a man stabbing away with an overhand icepick grip on an edged weapon is likely to drive right through your defenses, stabbing at your head and neck and doing you serious if not lethal damage in these critically vulnerable parts of the body.
Know how to read potentially deadly attacks. Your life or the lives of your family who might be in danger are on the line.

Take the time to learn these very effective straight forward Self Defense Techniques, they could save your life.

Survival knowledge is vital to overcoming would be attackers, looters, home invaders, thieves etc. 

Take action! Learn how to Defend against a Knife Attack

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