Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gorilla Strength MMA Workout Bands Review

Gorilla Strength Combat Gear

I recently tested the Beast kit by Gorilla Strength Gear

because it was simply the biggest bang for the buck. I needed the 

Most resistance available, The Beast Kit offers a Whopping 

716 lbs of total resistance. This really piqued my interest at first.

    2nd thing I noticed was its rugged construction. It looked tough 

enough to handle my intense training routines. I have been involved 

in Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do, BJJ, 

Weight Training, Strength Training etc since I was in 

Kindergarten. I have used mainly Free weights with a rack, 

dumbells, barbells, Commercial Gym Equipment, Hammer Strength 

machines, Body weight training in the Military, Home Gyms i.e. 

Bowflex, TRX Suspension body weight system, Pull up bars, Dip 

bars, Explosive Fitness (Static Contraction Machine) . Over 3 

decades as an "Iron Game" student.

I am Certified Fitness Trainer with 2 certifications , and worked as 

a trainer in Major Commercial Gym.

I feel this qualifies me to give an adequate review of any kind of 

strength training or workout device.

There are SO many Terrible , even Laughable fitness products out 

there on infomercials!!! It gets worse every year!

My first concern with strength training with resistance bands was 

" Can I get a Gym quality Workout?"

I have never used resistance bands before, and was initially 

interested because they fit into my budget!

I have been working out with them for about 2 years now, putting 

them through every conceivable test,

position, durability, feel, and effectiveness.  I am very impressed 

with this system or I wouldnt be featuring

them on my site. I can say that they deliver a High Quality Workout 

  The bands get stronger the further they are stretched . They can be used in conjunction with dumbells to increase the resistance to greater angles, although that type of movement is rather cumbersome.

The reason I say High Quality is because of the very nature of the 

bands during use they allow you to use

Explosive Force,which activates more explosive muscle fibers. There is no 

Momentum, or Gravity that you get with free

weight movements, which can decrease their effectiveness. I am 

not saying Free weights are bad, they are still

very effective, if you dont have the space and the $$ required for a home 

gym with 700lbs of weights, and an extra bedroom or garage. 

Then the Gorilla Strength Bands are for you.

    My workouts have been extremely productive with these Gorilla 

bands.With 716 lbs of total resistance , its more than adequate for 

any level of MMA fitness enthusiast, It takes a little creativity to get 

them into position for working different muscle groups, I plan on 

making some demonstration videos to show their effectiveness, and 

versatility.    I train using many techniques, drop sets, partial reps, 

explosive reps, Static Contraction Reps, Pyramid sets, Upper Body: 

Arms,Chest, Back, Legs, Squats, Resisted Punches: Uppercuts, 

Hook Punches, Straight Punch, and even Resisted Ground and 

Pound Punches!!

 Leg Press, Resisted Front Kicks, Side Kicks, 

Roundhouse, Muy Thai Knees, Elbows etc. Pretty much every 

major Mixed Martial Arts Movement I was easily able to perform 

WITH resistance with no problem whatsoever.

The only cons I had with these bands were the handles, they 

are relatively small and I have small hands, although I believe a 

larger handle is now available. Also when I first got these they stunk like plastic and rubber and I had to let them air out in the back yard for a few days. The overall craftsmanship was ok, I'd say medium duty, some of the stitching is coming loose from heavy use but nothing has broken other than 2 of the handles.  For the price they do the job.
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 Over time (2 years) with heavy use these handles begin to crack, 

but the company offers a replacement for $4.95  each.

    You just cant do these types of resisted movements with free 

weights. So again the Beast System provided another advantage for 

my Strength Training and Martial Arts Movements.

Highly Recommended 716 lbs of resistance "The Beast"  

Resistance Band Strength Training System, they 

do everything they are advertised to do....

Go here for prices

Demonstration Testimonial Video

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