Monday, April 2, 2012

The Best Arm Training for MMA You Never Heard of

You've gotta see these crazy arm exercises, For Biceps, and Triceps...
Need to break a plateau? Try THESE Arm Workout routine exercises

MONSTER Arms FAST with these cool exercises
Amazing new
Arm exercise book to check out
E-book author Nick Nilsson Proof Positive his Programs are effective.
Hello there MMA Fitness Friends!
Literally decades of experience have gone into these books. The methods are tried and true, when you apply
the knowledge here by taking massive action the best results can be expected.
If you're in a training rut...gains coming to a screeching halt...or maybe you're just plain bored with your  Arm weight training program right now.
Well, I've got some EXCELLENT news for you!
And if you like insane, new exercises that will not only give your muscles a shock but ELECTRIFY your motivation again...I've got even BETTER news for you...
Nick Nilsson (a.k.a. the "Mad Scientist" of exercise) has just come out with a new book called "The Best Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of."
I think the name says it all :)
Got no patience? Click here to check it out now:
got no patience? go here to checkout the details now
And let me tell you, there is some VERY cool stuff in this book.
He's packed in 68 amazing exercises for the biceps, triceps and forearms. If you've seen even a fraction of these before, you're living on a different planet.
I mean, check some of these out:

A bodyweight exercise for your biceps that LOOKS like a chin-up but uses a special "bracing" technique to put almost ALL your bodyweight directly onto your BICEPS. Imagine the muscle growth, and strength you'll get with THAT much resistance going directly onto your bi's!

A breakthrough in tricep contractions, this exercise targets the most anatomically-possible contracted position of the muscle with extremely heavy weights. Get ready for it because I guarantee you've never felt a tricep contraction this hard in your entire life.

Doing the Barbell Curl with only one arm tests your strength, balance, coordination and determination. It can be extremely difficult to do but the results are totally worth it. Not only does it increase muscle fiber activation in the biceps, it gives your grip a tremendous workout as well!

Setup time is an sometimes an issue when you're training. This great tricep exercise is a mash-up between close-grip push-ups and bodyweight tricep extensions. The key is how you do them in a rack to basically spring-load the tension onto your tri's. Very quick to do but brutal!

This unique version of the wrist curl adds a new dimension of tension...instead of just doing a plain old wrist curl, you'll also be supporting your bodyweight on your forearms to increase the tension. This position also gives you natural "occlusion training" (which is basically limiting the blood flow out of a muscle while weight training in order to increase hormonal growth factors in the area). If you're ever had trouble building forearms, this exercise might just hold the key for you...

So here's the deal...
Right now, Nick's just released this book and is only charging $49.95 for the full 68-exercise book. This is just DIRT CHEAP for the sheer volume of innovative exercises you'll find in it. Exercise descriptions, pictures, even an entire VIDEO LIBARY that you'll have full access to so you know exactly how to perform every exercise.
If you've got access to free weight and bodyweight and a few basic pieces of equipment, you'll be able to use the VAST majority of these exercises.
Here's the cool thing...Nick has posted FIVE exercises taken directly from the book right on his site for you read to and try out RIGHT NOW. No need to sign up for anything - just go the site and learn 'em.
I think he thinks once you've tried these samples, you'll be hooked...
Me? I think he's right...
Go check it out here:

P.S. When you get to the site and poke around the sample exercises, you'll notice he's got a sign-up box where you can actually get three ADDITIONAL exercises. Definitely sign up for this - he told me he's also going to be sending out even MORE sample exercises to the people who do.

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