Monday, April 2, 2012

MMA Biceps Training Secrets

 swear, he's out of his mind...
Exercises to Build Shirt-Stretching GUNS
New exercises = bigger, better arms...
These exercises are just insane

You've gotta be freaking kidding me...

Greeting Fellow MMA Fighter!
So yesterday, I told you about Nick Nilsson's new book "The Best Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of". Well, the response has just been HUGE, as always. Nick has put decades of knowledge and experience into his programs
alll you have to do is study these tried and true principles, apply them by taking massive action to produce superior results.
And Nick told me the most frequent comment he's been getting about these exercises...
"How do you come up with this sh--?" (expletive deleted :)
Here's his response:
"Well, to me, it's all about results. I don't create exercises just for the sake of creating exercises. They've gotta have a purpose and they've gotta get RESULTS.
I mean, I take equipment and look at it in completely different ways. Where one person sees a bench press machine, I see a shoulder press, a leg press, a calf raise machine, curl machine, row machine...sometimes, I'll challenge myself to work every single bodypart while limiting myself to just that one piece of weight training equipment.
And then there are times when I just say what the 'heck' and go all mad scientist.
For example, one of the most bizarro exercises I've got in the book is one I call the Bodyweight Preacher Curl. I'll give you the breakdown on how I came up with this one.
You see, when you do a bodyweight exercise, you actually activate MORE muscle fibers than when doing regular free weight and especially machine exercises. You have to stabilize your body and activate the muscles in a very natural manner. It just makes the exercise more effective.
So one day I thought to myself...the Preacher Curl is a great bicep exercise...let's see if I can figure out a way to brace my FOREARMS on the pad and curl my BODYWEIGHT up instead of the normal way of doing it, with upper arms on the pad and curling a bar.
With a little messing around, I came up with the solution (apparently I have an intensely curious and determined mind when it comes solving problems that most people don't even know they have :).
You bring the Preacher bench into the power rack and turn it 90 degrees so it's facing one side. You move that side rail down so it's just a few inches above the top edge of the Preacher pad. Next, you set a flat bench outside the rack on the other side.
Set your forearms on the Preacher pad and grip onto the safety rail at the top of the pad. Now set your toes on the bench - your body will be straight but your knees will be will be pretty much almost kneeling on the ground.
Now curl yourself up, using your feet on the bench to provide assistance and balance - you can use your legs to provide as much assistance as you need, which means you can spot yourself easily.
So as you curl your body up, you'll notice one small thing...
And that's just the first rep...just wait until you finish your first set!"
Man, when I got the visual on THAT exercise, it blew my mind. And that's just ONE exercise out of the 68 in the book.
If you want to build ARMS and the regular exercises just aren't getting the job done, you have GOT to check this book out:

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