Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bruce Lee Inspiration

                  BRUCE LEE the greatest Martial Artist ever stomps Chuck Norris into the ground....

                                    The Master of Martial Arts Muscle The Legendary Bruce Lee 

                Bruce Lee's $ 10,000,000 Mission Statement called "My Definite Chief Aim"

                             Excellent Bruce Lee Tribute video. The Best of Bruce Lee fight scenes
                                         Bruce Lee demonstrating the famous "One Inch Punch"

                                                    Best Self Defense Course Ever

                                                                   Ripped Bruce Lee Abs

Incredible forearm strength as you can see the degree of separation between the muscles." Lee was always working out" according to his wife Linda Lee.

                                                Martial arts muscle Bruce Lee is the best!!

                                         Long Live The worlds greatest Martial Artist Bruce Lee

                                                 Bruce Lee the Body and Strength Builder

Bruce Lee in "Way of the Dragon" his 3rd movie made in China, where he destroys Chuck Norris in an epic battle at the end .

                    Bruce Lee in starring role of "Enter the Dragon" his greatest movie accomplishment

                                     LEAN MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE SELF DEFENSE

Un-paralleled Intensity and Charisma, Bruce Lee not only displayed the finest of skills but persona ....

  Bruce Lee Scene from Enter The Dragon, during a fight  with Han, Bruce Lee demonstrates superior muscular definition,superior strength,striations and extremely low body fat.


Bruce Lee super strength developed partially by Isometrics exercises  including this biceps hold curl

One of Bruce's peculiar pieces of equipment , mainly used for isometric holds against the bars in various positions, here Bruce demonstrates Hanging leg raises for abs

Clean and press, or maybe a military press hard to determine. Linda Lee Bruce's wife says that he was always working out , Bruce had weights in almost every room of the house!

Barbell concentration curls for Bruce Lee  biceps

Bruce Lee had insane forearm size and strength due partially to his dedication to martial arts and weight training. Seen here with a Club device, one ended weight or sledge hammer for forearms.

"The Flag" for abs, core, a famous Bruce Lee movement.

Grip machine made especially for Bruce by friend George Lee

Notice Bruce Lee's grip machine there on the floor next to him jumping rope on the balcony gym!

Bruce Lee audition photo for the T.V. series "Kung Fu" which he developed and wrote but the part went to David Carridine instead..... Good thing because Bruce was able to return to China and create 3 masterpiece movies which made him even more attractive to Hollywood, which eventually led to the making of the greatest martial arts film of all time "Enter the Dragon"

Bruce Lee's famous abs came with dedicated, regular workouts, including weight training, eating right.

                                       The look of a true Philosopher. One of Bruce's many talents.
                          Life like Bruce Lee Action Figure complete with muscle striations, and fighting stick

Bruce Lee gets Sammo Hung in a Jui-Jitstu arm bar, in the opening fight scene from "Enter The Dragon"

                              Bruce Lee in the best fight scene ever recorded from "Enter The Dragon"
                      The Musculature of Bruce denotes his intense drive for fitness and conditioning

                        Bruce with his ever imposing Nunchuck fight scene from "Way Of The Dragon"

                        No one does it better than the Master Martial artist,Philosopher, Strength Trainer,
                                                                  Fitness advocate Bruce Lee.

                                                   Best Self Defense Online Course
                                                                      If we all could be like Bruce Lee

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