Friday, January 6, 2012

Savage Strength

Savage Strength Training 

How I Got Started Strength Training  
Today I'm 230 lbs and I've bench pressed over 600 pounds in competition.
You might assume that I was always  strong or that I had great genetics but
nothing could be further from the truth.
When I was growing up in northern VA I used to get bullied quite a bit actually.
It seems that the smaller, weaker kids actually attract trouble for some reason.
Maybe I was an easy target.  Maybe my self confidence was lower than it
should have been and the other predators (kids) could sense this.
When I turned 14 years old I started lifting weights.
It wasn't to get big biceps or to attract girls.  What I wanted to do was make
sure the next time I got picked on I wouldn't get beat up.
Plus I wanted to try out for the freshman football team and knew that I was
very undersized.  At 14-years old I was close to 6 feet tall but only weighed
110 lbs.  I couldn't even bench press my own weight :(
I knew I had to start strength training and it changed my life for the better.
I didn't really know what I was doing when I started.  I just went to the YMCA
and did a set on every machine in the weight room.  I'd do this full body circuit
5 or 6 times a week.  
I started getting stronger and I started gaining muscle weight even though
I wasn't doing everything perfectly.
After just a few short years (not weeks) my life was completely different.  After
my family moved to CT I earned a spot on the H.S. football team and never
got bullied again.
You see bullies pick on the weak.  To best way to fight weakness is to become
strong.  That's exactly what I did.  I trained to get stronger to stick up for myself
and to become a better football player.
You know what the side effects of training for strength are?
You also build muscle which attracts the opposite sex and looks good in the mirror.
However please understand that your foundational goal should always be
to get stronger.  As a result those other things will come too, but they shouldn't
be your primary focus until after you've first developed a base level of strength.
If you want to make much much faster gains than I did, I suggest you follow a
proven strength training program like the Savage Strength Training System.
It was created by Mike Gillette a former SWAT Commander and Bodyguard.
Unfortunately today is the last day to get it for 50% off and I strongly suggest
you go pick up a copy while it's on sale.
This is the best bargain of the year and something that I am extremely proud
to bring to you because I know if you give it a try it can change your life
for the better.
I hope you take a leap of faith and accept this opportunity,
Mike Westerdal
P.S.  I have never lost a fight since I started strength training.  Most problems
just seemed to avoid me and for those that didn't I was physically and mentally
prepared for.
P.P.S  It's also the last day to get this free bonus with your order:

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