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Savage Strength Training update FAQ

Update #4:  Your Questions Answered

Mike Gillette and I are completely humbled by all the interest in the new Savage Strength Training.  Hundreds of people entered our little blog contest to win a free copy.
We want to thank each and every person that took the time to enter, you deserve a big pat on the back.   Every single entry has been read and there were some inspirational strength stories shared, thank you for that.
We’ve pre-selected five winners but you never know someone could grab a spot with a last minute entry.  (All the winners will be notified by email tomorrow since the contest officially closes Sunday at midnight).
Now as I’m sure you can imagine over the course of the past week hundreds upon hundreds of questions about the Savage Straining System have been flooding my inbox.
I have taken the time to answer the most common questions and posted them below for you.
I’m trying to cover all our bases so that when the time comes you’ll know if this is a good fit for you or not. I don’t want you to feel scrambled or pressured so I’m doing my best to give you all the facts you’ll need to make an informed decision.
Q:  How do I know I can trust Mike Gillette as my coach during this program?
A:  First of all I would never partner up with anyone who is not the best of the best and someone that is going to provide top-notch information and service to my clients.
You’ve also read that Mike was a former SWAT Commander right?  He was responsible for saving lives of citizens and his own men.  He was also a tier 1 body guard working for some extremely high profile clients that I’m not even legally allowed to mention. If his SWAT team trusted him and other successful men have hired him to protect their lives, than I trust him to deliver on this training program as well.
Bottom line over the years Mike has trained everyone from Military and Law Enforcement Personnel, Bodyguards, Competitive Fighters, to regular guys like you and I that want to get strong.
Q: How strong will I get?  
A:  Don’t limit yourself.  You may get better results than Mike and I or you may get worse results….because we’re different people.  But if you’re able to develop even half the strength Mike demonstrated in his feats of strength video would you be happy?
Q:  How many days a week will I workout with the Savage Strength Training System?
A:  If you follow the sample workouts from phase 1 that have been put together for you, you’ll be training three times per week.  If you want to work out more than 3x’s per week you can either add an extra day of cardio or try the xtreme phase 2 which has you weight training 4x’s per week.  The training logs we provide are samples, but you are free to design your own as well.
Q:  How much is the Savage Strength Training Program going to cost?
A:  I’m not completely sure just yet, but I want to make it affordable for everyone.  Since you’re on my VIP subscriber list, you’ll be offered it for half the regular price on Tuesday the 22nd before it released to the general public.  Not only will you get first dibs, but I have some awesome bonuses lined up for you. Which reminds me, look for tomorrow’s email okay?  I’ve got a cool announcement.
 Q:  How long are the workouts?

A:  The workouts take less than 1-hour to complete.
Q:  Why should I care about being strong?
A:  You’ll learn how to posses the type of strength that canintroduce stability into a situation. The type of strength that gives you the self confidence and power to resist stress and feel durable. To stare in the face of physical stress like discomfort, illness, fatigue or even emotional stress… and laugh as you know those things don’t affect you anymore.
And believe me, I am talking to YOU.   Because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, can get stronger than they are right now.
Q:  If I miss out on this sale when is the next time I can get it at a discount?
A:  I don’t have any plans of putting it on sale for a long time if ever.  That’s just not fair to those that took action.
Q:  Do I need any special equipment?
A:  Nope, there are gym exercise options for every exercise.  If you do have some odd object pieces of equipment you will get the chance to utilize them though  if you’d like to.
Q: Do I need a gym membership to do this program?
A:  You can do the Savage Strength Workouts at home with minimal equipment or at any commercial gym.
Q:  What if the program doesn’t work for me?
A:  If you follow the program as outlined and for any reason you’re not happy we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.  I stand behind this product 110% and have no problem putting my money where my mouth is.   Wait that doesn’t sound sanitary :) 
Q:  Are supplements required?
A:  You’re probably waiting to hear us say there’s a super duper top secret supplement stack in the program that is going to turn you into the Incredible Hulk.
Well if that’s what you wanted to hear, sorry to disappoint you.  You don’t need to spend any extra money on supplements to do this program.
 Q:  I saw Mike doing some pretty extreme things in that YouTube Video, are feats of strength part of the program?
A:  No you will not be bending steel bars or rolling up a frying pan in your training.  That’s just Mike’s real time validation that his training methods produce bone crushing strength.
The routines found within this program are all functional, meaning they are designed to work and to allow your body to work better.  But they’re not strange, exotic or overcomplicated.  It’s not about that.
Q:  I have a bad back, aching shoulders and other pains, can I still do the program?
A:  YES, this exactly what you need to bring your body back to life.  Ever heard the quote, use it or lose it?  In fact, Mike Gillette created this program during a time he too was struggling with injuries.  After he turned 40 his body started making him pay for having done “bodybuilding type” exercises for so long.  Shoulders, elbows and even wrists were giving Mike a hard time, but when he started training the Savage Strength way all that changed.  The program is actually very joint friendly.
Q:  Is the Savage Strength Training System going to be too challenging for me?
A:  Quick story about Mike Gillette.
Mike’s peak performance knowledge was first put to the test after he was injured in a climbing accident in 1984. This came just several months after he had left active-duty service as an Army paratrooper to attend the University of Arizona on an ROTC scholarship. With a broken back and screws holding his ankles together, Mike was discharged from military service
Over the next decade Mike eventually became one of the most highly credentialed tactical trainers in the United States, with over 25 different Use-of-Force and Weapons Systems instructor designations to his name.
In 1995, concurrent with his law enforcement and training duties, Mike returned to military service in a part-time role. Following a rigorous selection process, he was accepted into the 194th Long-Range Surveillance (Airborne) Detachment and full ‘jump’ status.
This was a significant milestone for Mike, who had been told 11 years earlier by an Army surgeon that he would never run again, much less jump out of any more airplanes.
Bottom Line:  If Mike can recover from a broken back and screws in his ankle to regain full “jump” status in the military than why can’t you overcome a few obstacles yourself?
Sure the Savage Strength Training program will challenge you, but that’s what you need!  If Mike can walk the walk and train the Savage Strength way after being told he would never walk again, perhaps there are some people in your life that we can help you prove wrong as well?
Keep training hard,
Mike Westerdal

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