Friday, January 6, 2012

Gorilla Strength Gear Product Review

PRODUCT REVIEW at Bottom....
6 reasons why resistance bands are better than free weights and weight machines.

1) Portability: These bands can go anywhere with you & you can have a complete gym by just removing them from their bag.
 2) Versatility: This system offers 100′s of exercises and can be used to exercise every muscle group in the body.
 3) Price: This resistance band system costs less than a weight bench.
 4) Space: When you have completed your workout you can put the bands back in their storage bag and they are out of the way.
 5) Efficiency: If you are like most people I have met you don’t have all day to train. This resistance band system is much easier than workout machines or free weights to set up and to transition from one exercise to the next. That makes your workouts quicker and more efficient.
 6) Safety: You can exercise safely without a spotter and you don’t have to worry about smashing any part of your body. (great if your workout partner is unreliable)
 If you are skeptical about the resistance offered by resistance bands you shouldn’t be.
 1) Resistance bands force you to use stabilizers through out your entire range of motion. The movements also engage core muscles as well as the target muscle groups. That is a great bonus!
 2) Your muscles don’t know the difference between weight from free weights and resistance band resistance. So you can build strength & muscle (not just tone) with bands.
 3) Resistance bands make you more explosive as well as more powerful. This is because resistance bands take both gravity and momentum out of the workout equation. With free weights your body has to slow down at the end of a lift to keep the momentum from launching the weights. With resistance band you can power explosively through the entire movement and that makes a huge difference. That makes them a great match for Judo, Jiu Jitsu, mui thai, & MMA Athletes.
 Here is what makes Gorilla Strength Resistance Bands better than other systems on the market.
 This kit offers the more resistance than any other kit available. Don’t let anyone fool you, the kit out there with a football player endorsing it doesn’t offer this much resistance.
 When we started Gorilla Strength we wanted our product to be known for its quality and value. Anyone can import junk systems from China and then play price wars peddling junk systems with the no names on e-bay. That’s not our game folks. I had MMA athletes and Gym Rats in mind when I designed the kits. That mindset resulted in a durable system that offers resistance levels for everyone from a 90lb beginner to the seasoned athlete. Our kits are the best out there period.

Beast Kit

the kit includes:
(resistance is measured per handle)
2) green band (7lbs)
2) red band (12lbs)
2) blue band (20lbs)
4) black bands (30lbs)
4) orange bands (40lbs)
4) door attachments
2) carrying bag
8 ) padded handles
8 ) leg attachments

Gorilla Strength Demo using total of 28 lbs resistance for punching workout.... the key to a good workout is having the right music...its all about the metal....    

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